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Where the Wild Things Live, 2016

Remembering early childhood, ... in this place of all possibilities, a world of fairy tales and mental imagery charged with emotion, awe, adventure and discovery. It is curious how certain present day stimuli can still transport us back to the days where stories recounted by the spoken word would conjure up wondrous worlds in the agile mind.

Vernissage at the Institut universitaire de gériatrie de Montréal (IUGM), Summer 2016
To the Realm of Giants (2016)
Pele's Wild Child (2016)
Sands of Time (2016)
Forgotten Kingdom (2016)
At First Light Over the Ganges (2016)
After The Stroke Of The Midnight Hour (2016)
And Gently She Falls (2013)
Big Fish
Impasse (2016)
Magical Lands Of The Faraway Tree (2016)
Nemo's World (2016)
Perilous Road (2016)
Stories At Dusk (2016)
Unveiled By The Moon (2016)
Wild Horses (2016)
Wild Wild West (2016)