paintings mists of recollection

Mists of Recollection, 2014

Do you remember...? Unlike the cold, precise recall of a computer, a person’s memory is a complex, evolving thing, with many colours and nuances.  Your mood, then and now, and intervening experiences can alter memories, sharpening some aspects while suppressing others.  Details generally fade, while some details, charged with emotion, remain in sharp relief.  The exhibit “Mists of Recollection” by artist and neuroscientist AmanPreet Badhwar, takes you on a journey through the mind’s eye, exploring our perception of past experiences through misty layers of colour, texture and movement.  Using a process that echoes the layering of memory, Aman uses varied media applied in many layers on paper.  The paper itself recalls a past life, having been recycled from cotton apparel.  The effect is to evoke shifting moods and impressions of people and places, rather than precise, static depictions.

Vernissage at the Institut universitaire de gériatrie de Montréal (IUGM), Spring 2014
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