paintings shifting shadows

Shifting Shadows, 2017

Sketches from the Canadian Rockies

Winter 2017

= Sold

A_Purple_Haze (2017) [SOLD]
And We Shall Stand (2017) [SOLD]
At Streams Edge (2017) [SOLD]
Avalanche (2017) [SOLD]
Canyon Walk (2017) [SOLD]
Overlooking The Vineyard Bonitas Winery Okanagan (2017) [SOLD]
Still Waters (2017) [SOLD]
Storm Surge (2017) [SOLD]
Summer Wind (2017) [SOLD]
Swampland Glow Jasper Park (2017) [SOLD]
The Old Forest (2017) [SOLD]
The Young Maple Qualis Gate Winery Okanagan (2017) [SOLD]
Waiting For Tea Jasper Lodge (2017) [SOLD]